Fake news war divides, confuses in Hong Kong

While cops and pro-democracy protesters have actually challenged each other on the streets, a fake news war has actually been battled online

Chinese tanks at the border? False. Image of a protester biting off a cop’s finger? Deceptive. In polarised Hong Kong, a fake news defend popular opinion has actually ended up being as vital a battlefield as the city streets.

Throughout weeks of pro-democracy demonstrations that have actually included countless individuals and regularly turned violent, online rumours and conspiracy theories have actually planted confusion and deepened wonder about.

From 2011 video footage of South Korean soldiers misrepresented as an upcoming Chinese “invasion” to doctored photos overemphasizing the size of rallies, Hong Kong residents have actually been bombarded with contrasting claims from both sides of the political divide.

The numbers signalling the effect of the disinformation can be stunning.

Video footage of a convoy of Chinese tanks that posts declared were being sent out “to suppress Hong Kongers and cause bloodshed” rapidly acquired more than 800,000 views on one Twitter account alone.

Hong Kong authorities have actually been required to consistently reject claims flowing on social networks—most just recently, that Individuals’s Freedom Army (PLA) soldiers had actually been brought in from the mainland to safeguard federal government structures.

“There is absolutely no such thing and all these claims are totally false,” Hong Kong’s federal government stated today, reacting to the claims.

Authorities have actually likewise been the target of much fake news, consisting of a video unmasked by AFP that supposedly revealed officers shooting a female in the face.

“The spreading of numerous rumours about police operations will drive a wedge between the Hong Kong Police and community,” the force informed AFP in a declaration.

‘Deep-rooted’ divide

Videos and pictures of demonstrations or violent occurrences, frequently selectively modified or doctored to support a specific perspective have actually flowed rapidly on social networks platforms, however likewise personal chat groups such as on Weibo or WhatsApp.

Hong Kong police have been a magnet for fake news
Hong Kong cops have actually been a magnet for fake news

In these closed environments, established concepts are hardly ever challenged by truths, according to journalism teacher and fake news professional Masato Kajimoto.

“The rather simple, one-sided views expressed in such content makes it harder to reconcile the difference,” in between Hong Kong’s warring camps, Kajimato informed AFP.

While a great deal of disinformation stems and spreads out on social networks or chat groups, the traditional press is likewise guilty of fanning the flames, according to Kajimoto.

“The excuse that journalists are simply reporting about what people are sharing and discussing is a cop-out,” he stated, indicating a commonly reported current conspiracy theory that declared a cop’s watch showed a press instruction was staged.

“In this age of misinformation and disinformation, the news media should not report anything they haven’t independently verified.”

Reporters themselves have actually experienced pressure to make occasions fit a specific story.

This month, the personnel union for Hong Kong’s public broadcaster declared press reporters were advised to spread out false information about a protester utilizing pliers to sever a law enforcement officer’s fingers.

The channel has stated it is examining.

China’s state-run media is a driving force behind discrediting pro-democracy occasions, according to legal representative Rachel Lao, who belongs to a pro-democracy legal group.

“The Chinese Communist Party is skilled at creating confusion among the public in China and shaming any such movements,” Lao informed AFP.

However she stated the barrage of state-sponsored disinformation might have the opposite impact from what Beijing means.

FFake news thrives in the private digital worlds of closed messaging apps
Fake news flourishes in the personal digital worlds of closed messaging apps

“Because the news is so obviously fake to Hongkongers, they are now very skeptical of any news they receive,” she stated.

‘Excessive info’

Jeffrey Ngo, a pro-democracy activist, stated the large volume of contrasting and incorrect news flowing online left individuals puzzled.

“In a world with too much information, what is real and not real is very tricky (to determine),” Ngo stated, including the this might work much better for authorities and the city’s pro-Beijing camp.

“It ultimately plays well for those in power, when ordinary people decide not to seek truth because they think it’s so hard to figure out what is true and what isn’t,” he included.

Devoted fact-checking services, run by independent or traditional media groups, have actually emerged in current years around the world.

AFP’s own Asia Fact-Check service has actually unmasked more than a lots incorrect or deceptive claims about the Hong Kong demonstrations, released in English.

Some regional independent media organisations have actually likewise released Chinese-language fact-check reports about the demonstrations.

Nevertheless Hong Kong has yet to see the type of strong fact-checking culture become seen in India and Indonesia over current years.

Suspicion and doubt, in the meantime, is filling the vacuum.

“There isn’t neutral, reliable media that can build a bridge between the two sides and win the trust of both,” Phillis Zhu, a mainland Chinese trainee living in Hong Kong, informed AFP.

“Actually, media is causing the conflicts.”

Training reporters in the age of fake news

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