How Big Is the Universe?

Ever needed to time journey? Simply look out at the night time sky. Read more »

Barnard’s star is the fastest moving star as seen from our night sky (proper motion)

Barnard’s star is the fastest moving star as seen from our night sky (correct movement) Read more »

As Hurricane Dorian bears down, researchers get ready | Science

Home windows on the College of Florida’s Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience in St. Augustine have been coated with plywood in preparation for Hurricane Dorian. Heather Krumholtz/Whitney Laboratory for... Read more »

Breakthrough enables storage and release of mechanical waves without energy loss

Experimental setup, consisting of a waveguide bar with cavity and facet channels. The excitation of elastic waves touring alongside the bar is offered by piezoelectric actuators positioned on the... Read more »

Parallel parking

Parallel parking Read more »

Stretchable Wireless Sensor Could Monitor Healing of Cerebral Aneurysms

The wireless sensing units are produced utilizing an aerosol jet 3D printer. An example of the silver nanoparticle movie is revealed on the right. (Georgia Tech Image) A wireless... Read more »

A massive study confirms there is no 'gay gene'

Scientists at the Broad Institute evaluated genomes from almost half of a million individuals to much better comprehend if and how genes contribute in sexual preference. (Pixabay/) Genes can’t... Read more »

In the Future, This Electricity-Free Tech Could Help Cool Buildings in Metro Areas

An illustration illustrates how the brand-new radiative cooling system may search a roof, with many systems of the system positioned side-by-side to cover a big surface area. Credit: Soondi... Read more »

Australia plans to tackle foreign influence at nation’s universities | Science

An advocate of the Hong Kong, China, pro-democracy demonstrations stands next to a “Lennon Wall” at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. A number of such walls have actually... Read more »

Doctors Find Bizarre Mass of Bone, Teeth & Hair in Teen’s Stomach. It Was Her Own Twin.

 A teen in India was found to have a bizarre mass of bone, teeth and “hairy cheesy material” in her abdominal area, according to a brand-new report of the... Read more »