This toy which utilises Lenz’s law, also known as “Feel flux”.

This toy which utilises Lenz’s law, also known as “Feel flux”.

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  1. I use this in my AP Physics C class, but I bought the copper as a 12 foot pipe from Home Depot and I hold it over a stairwell. Then I drop it and calmly walk down the stairs to catch it.

  2. I’ve got some pretty strong neodymium magnets, and at the place I used to work we had a 3-foot aluminum pipe. Doesn’t work quite as well as copper, but well enough that it took a number of seconds for the magnet to fall all the way through.

  3. I’ve known about Lenz’ law for nearly 20 years and have never ever heard it called Feel flux.

    Source: Am Physicist.

  4. Turn it into a card reader, where the ball is a “card.” And it contains all the keys you need.

  5. One cool thing is if you cut away part of the pipe you can see the magnet slowly falling through and tumbling (if it’s not a sphere). Looks really cool.

  6. Ha you couldn’t have picked a more perfect time to post this OP. We just covered Lenz’s law in my Physics class yesterday.

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