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Dark matter, the mystical compound that comprises most of the mass of deep space, has actually shown infamously tough to identify. However researchers have actually now proposed an unexpected brand-new sensing unit: human flesh.

The concept comes down to this: If a particular type of dark matter particle existed, it would periodically eliminate people, travelling through them like a bullet. Due to the fact that nobody has actually passed away from unexplained gunshotlike wounds, this type of dark matter does not exist, according to a brand-new research study.

Still, there are other methods to identify this specific type of dark matter and scientists must keep looking, states Katherine Freese, a theoretical physicist at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor who wasn’t associated with the research study however has actually studied the impacts of dark matter on humans. “We don’t know what dark matter is, so we shouldn’t write things off,” she states.

Dark matter comprises about 85% of the mass of deep space, however the compound itself stays a secret. One theory presumes that it consists of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs). These particles would be plentiful, however so shy about communicating with normal matter that just extremely delicate detectors would at capturing them. Up until now, they’ve averted detection in large tanks of liquid xenon and argon; kept in underground labs, these tanks would be able to pick up the signals from Pansies without disturbance from sources such as cosmic rays.

A less mainstream dark matter prospect, referred to as macros, would type much heavier particles. While macros would be much rarer than Pansies, any crashes with normal matter would be violent, leaving an apparent trace. The brand-new research study explores what those traces may appear like if the macros hit people.

Glenn Starkman and Jagjit Singh Sidhu, theoretical physicists at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, were initially looking for traces of macros in granite pieces when a coworker made an idea. “Why can’t you just use humans as a detector?” they remember Robert Scherrer, a co-author and theoretical physicist at Vanderbilt University in Nashville stating. “The energies you’re talking about, these things would probably at best maim a person, at worst kill a person.”

The group advanced with the concept and designed macros that would have a comparable result to a deadly shot from a .22 quality rifle. Such particles would be small, however extremely heavy, and therefore launch the exact same quantity of energy as a bullet as it goes through an individual. Their estimations concentrated on the millions of people living in Canada, the United States, and Western Europe over the previous years since scientists state these nations have more dependable information on the number of people passed away and from what triggers.

In this sample, researchers would anticipate to see a handful of reports of unexplained deaths from unnoticeable dark matter “bullets.” However there were none, the scientists report this week on the preprint server arXiv. These deaths would not go undetected—they would leave victims dead or dying with a tubular injury where their flesh was vaporized.

This experiment doesn’t eliminate heavy macro dark matter completely, Scherrer states. It simply gets rid of a particular variety of them. Much heavier macro dark matter would not take place regularly enough to determine, Freese notes, and other kinds wouldn’t eliminate people.

“There is probably still room for very heavy dark matter,” states Paolo Gorla, a particle physicist at Italy’s underground Gran Sasso National Lab, who is not included with the research study.

The Case Western Reserve group is not the only group of scientists attempting to harness brand-new methods to identify dark matter. Freese has actually established Paleo-Detector experiments that would be delicate adequate to identify the traces of Pansies in ancient minerals. Nevertheless, rocks might likewise reveal signals of much heavier dark matter—in more apparent methods. If macros hit rock, they would shoot directly through, melting a cylinder of rock that would rapidly resolidify into brand-new kinds. When light-colored granite is melted, for instance, the melted rock solidifies as a channel of dark obsidian-like stone.

In the meantime, the Case Western Reserve scientists will not be extending their human death estimations. This fall, they will browse monoliths, counter tops, and graveyards for dark, elliptical spots that might be signs of macros hitting granite slabs. Next, they want to determine attributes for a variety of macros and after that train people to search for the marks on granite surface areas around the globe. That, they state, would open an entire brand-new method to utilize human beings as dark matter detectors.

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