Converting carbon dioxide into gasoline, and ‘autofocal’ glasses with lenses that change shape on the fly | Science

: N. Padmanaban et al., Science Advances 2019

Chemists have actually long understood how to convert carbon dioxide into fuels—however up previously, such procedures have actually been too costly for business usage. Personnel Author Robert Service talks with host Sarah Crespi about utilizing brand-new filters and drivers to close the space in between air-derived and fossil-derived gasoline.  

Likewise today, host Sarah Crespi talks with Nitish Padmanaban of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, about replacing bifocals with “autofocals.” These auto-focusing glasses track your eye position and procedure the range to the visual target prior to changing the density of their liquid lenses. The model glasses have an onboard video camera and batteries that make them especially large; nevertheless, they still outshined progressive lenses in tests of focus speed and skill.

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