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  1. Oh god, I wish I’d had one of these thirty years ago. Just had a sadist with a big bag of footballs and shitty aim.

  2. That is seriously cool!

    I want one!

    I have zero use for one.

    But I think it would be fun as hell for like…. 5 minutes, until I threw out a hip and pulled a thousand muscles.

  3. I would hate to be a goalie so much. Super ADHD so I’d be going nuts watching while the ball is at the other end, then suddenly go from chill to under IMMENSE PRESSURE. Nope. Big respect.

  4. Being a goalie at that level must be painful.

    Legit diving through the air to a crash landing.

    When you’re the hero, it hurts. When you let it by, it hurts doubly.

  5. There’s a similar drill for keeping in cricket, except its a very tight net so that it bounces the ball off quickly.

  6. IIRC this is Italian football club Bologna and this isn’t normal goalkeeper training but is used to simulate weird/deflected shots that can during matches (due to bad/damaged fields)

  7. So they have a goal keeper to deflect the Ball, one to throw, and one to give the Ball to the one throwing.

  8. We used to have something similar for practicing erratic rebounds in basketball. It was a plastic lid covered in the same bumps that snapped on the rim. Cool concept.

  9. Goalkeeper is a tough position, not just to play but to develop. Like any position in soccer, if you are good as a youth you are basically recruited to a more competitive club where it is basically year round soccer. IMO this is the worst thing to do to a developing keeper, not only are you going to get less shots to block because you will have top notch defenders, but the year round causes you to miss out on other sports that are much better at building hand/body eye coordination than just playing a sport year round that is 95% played with the feet. Not only for the coordination aspect but for building up the mental strength of constantly being under pressure in those other sports since it is a very limited time of pressure in a soccer game for a keeper.

    IMO you would have a much better keeper that also played basketball, baseball, football, volleyball etc.

    Currently testing this theory on my high-school age son who has played keeper since he was 8. Although he was recruited to more competitive clubs, I made him stay on the same semi competitive team playing in a league where they were severely outclassed where he would get shot on 30-40 times a game. This semi competitive club is not year round so it also allowed him to play other sports in the off season where he played basketball, football(wide-receiver), and baseball(shortstop/center field).

    Any keepers in here that made it to the college level playing soccer that played other sports growing up?

    It seems that every soccer player I meet who played some kind of soccer in college played year round soccer since they were young.

  10. I played lacrosse and my coach did this with a backstop on a baseball field, he launched one straight into my back, it hurt so bad.

  11. Anyone else think of how awesome it’d be to just bean the goalie in training in the back of the head?

  12. At my first college a couple years ago I started as the goal keeper and we had one of these. They’re really fun but piss you off very easily.

  13. He needs to either keep his feet moving or stay set. The keeper is jumping before he dives losing himself reaction time.

  14. I did something similar when I was coaching hockey goalies. We’d go out to a park with a handball court and used a rectangular eraser. The goalie would stand in front of the handball wall and I would stand behind him, throwing the eraser against the wall The goalie would try to catch the eraser once it bounced off the wall.

  15. Honest question: Why do the keepers always fall to the ground, even when unnecessary? I would think that in some cases it would be advantageous to remain on your feet to be able to stop rebound shots?

  16. I don’t know if i’m being stupid but couldn’t they just take freekicks or penalties to simulate this? Also on top of that it would be practice for the outfield player.

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