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  1. Not gonna lie, I’m on my stoner reddit account and thought this was a time lapse of trichomes growing.

  2. It’s aliiiive… I mean is it’s consumption of those bubbles an exchange of gases with its environment?

  3. *“I shall never forget the sight. The vessel of crystallization was three-quarters full of slightly muddy water that is, dilute water-glass and from the sandy bottom there strove upwards a grotesque little landscape of variously coloured growths: a confused vegetation of blue, green, and brown shoots which reminded one of algae, mushrooms, attached polyps, also moss, then mussels, fruit pods, little trees or twigs from trees, here and there of limbs. It was the most remarkable sight I ever saw, and remarkable not so much for its appearance, strange and amazing though that was, as on account of its profoundly melancholy nature.”* – Doktor Faustus (1947) by Thomas Mann.

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