Beyond the Beaker: 3M scientists tell their stories

“I’m not a science person.” The number of times have you heard somebody state that? Despite the fact that 2019 State of Science Index by 3M shows that 87 percent of individuals around the world concur we require science to resolve the world’s issues, lots of are daunted by the topic.

A fantastic method to fight that is to tell the stories of how science has actually altered the world and our location in it.

One prominent example is the Oscar-winning film Surprise Figures, which informs the story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, 3 African-American females at NASA who sent out John Glenn into orbit in 1962.

There are likewise less widely known stories, like Audrey Sherman, the so-called 100-patent female, who began as an intern at 3M while still in high school. After 5 years at 3M, she got her very first patent. Over the next 26 years, she attained usually 5 patents a year, reaching 100 in 2017, making her the very first female to do so. Part of what makes her so effective is that 3M motivates its scientists to shed the laboratory coat and talk with consumers straight about how they can resolve their special issues.

In Beyond the Beaker, a 3M video series, 3M scientists like Sherman speak about how the 2019 State of Science Index findings impact health care, security, energy, electronic devices, and more. Dr. Jayshree Seth, Corporate Researcher at 3M and its Chief Science Supporter, presents the series.

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