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  1. Not this fucking gif again!! I’ve tried, and tried, and tried some more *and it just won’t fold!!* AND NOW I HAVE TO TRY AGAIN

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  2. I’m gonna try this, I almost guarantee it’ll look like crap but I’m gonna try it.

  3. Tried this the first time around but hated the way my shirts ended up. They unfold too easily so in my mind this is a shitty way to fold a shirt.


    You’re better off spending your time learning how to “army roll” your clothes. That trick has come in handy many times.

  4. Laying it flat takes more time than folding it normally, and I go konmari folding which is an extra step. Not worth it.

  5. I briefly used this method but having to lay each shirt flat adds significantly to the time and makes it inefficient.

  6. I know t literally shows a video of it but I’m still calling r/restofthefuckingowl because fucking HOW DO YOU DO THE FLIPPY THINGY

  7. This is like moonwalking. Looks sooo easy. Can’t remember how to do fuck all irl.

  8. Plus the time to find and clear off a large enough flat area in one’s cluttered apartment; plus the time to lay out and flatten out the shirt.
    It’s like saying “Commute time 30 minutes” but ignoring the time to get to the station and wait for the train.

  9. Can’t stand the asymmetrical fold, this leaves a sleeve randomly flapping on the back/bottom.

  10. Do people really struggle that much with shirt folding?

    Grab by shoulders, fold arms behind back with finders, fold in half when laying the shirt back down. Still about two seconds, not quite as nice, but dead simple and no need to lay the shirt flat first.

  11. Years ago when I sae a video lime this I learned this and actually used it for a while. No idea why I stopped or why I forgot about it because it’s a really cool way to fold tshirts

  12. I do this and it always comes out as a trapezoid that’s wider on the bottom towards the waist.

  13. I use to do this for my laundry but it takes more time to lay the shirts out each time. You can’t stack the shirts before doing it or you’ll pinch 2-3 in a row while trying to get 1. Faster to fold them normally as you get them.

  14. The camera position really makes this difficult for me. I’d prefer a first view or at least this one but rotated 90° clockwise.

  15. I tried to mark the lines with a white marker but it won’t go away now. How’d he make them go so fast?

  16. Omg after like 5 minutes of trying I was pretty much able to do it but not it 2 second though. Coming from a guy who just keeps his shirt unfolded in the cuboid and never done any household.

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