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  1. Getting annoyed with this kind of thing in this sub. Not really educational at all if I need to come to the comments looking for an explanation for every component.

  2. My real question is about the fluids themselves. Is this just water and dye? Is this fluids with a specific consistency that do this only? I would think if it was normal water then the dye would do its best to spread out in similar materials. That says to me that these are not really easily mixable liquids. Am I missing something?

  3. I donno. It looks like a reverse portion of that same video. If they kept rolling it would have been a good indicator on the legitimacy of this..

  4. It’s just a modern version of Millikan’s old drop experiment from 1909. Nothing new here.

  5. What. The. Hell??? Is this real? I am old and how have I never known about this??? I am dumb as hell.

  6. Impressive. Was kinda expecting the colored
    blobs to sucked back into the syringes as well, but hey. 🙂

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