SAS pilot strike strands 72,000 passengers

A strike by pilots has actually impacted about 70 percent of Swedish airline company SAS’s flights, with 673 cancelled

Pilots at Scandinavian provider SAS strolled off the task in Sweden, Denmark and Norway on Friday, stranding more than 72,000 tourists as 673 flights were cancelled, the airline company stated.

An overall of 1,409 pilots were on strike, impacting domestic, European and long-haul flights, SAS stated, anticipating that 170,000 passengers would be impacted through Sunday.

The Swedish Air Line Pilots Association, which started the strike, stated months of settlements had actually stopped working to discover an option to pilots’ “deteriorating work conditions, unpredictable work schedules and job insecurity”.

The Swedish Confederation of Transportation Enterprises on the other hand stated it might decline the 13-percent wage boost required by the pilots, provided their “already high average wage of 93,000 kronor (8,766 euros, $9,769) a month”.

The pilots’ association stated work schedules, and not earnings, were the primary focus of the settlements, as many SAS pilots to have work at variable times and days.

“Many SAS pilots have no control over when and how long they have to work. In a worst case scenario, they risk having to work seven weekends in a row,” the pilots’ association stated in a declaration.

“Everyone who has a family life can imagine how difficult it is to not know when you have to work,” SAS’ Swedish union agent at the pilots’ association, Wilhelm Tersmeden, stated.

‘Hope we’ll be rebooked’

SAS called most passengers prior to the cancellations to alert them of the strike and provided to rebook them at no additional expense.

On Friday, lots of tourists showed up at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport in the hopes of getting on other flights.

Elsa Lundberg, 20, and Christoffer Weil, 22, had actually been because of take a trip to Scotland for a treking journey with their college class.

“This trip is the biggest thing this semester,” Weil informed news firm TT.

SAS predicts 170,000 passengers will be affected by the pilot strike
SAS anticipates 170,000 passengers will be impacted by the pilot strike

“We hope that we’ll be rebooked on another flight. But we’re a big group and it’s unlikely everyone would be able to get on the same flight,” Lundberg stated.

“They’re offering free coffee at Arlanda now, so that’s at least a good thing,” she stated.

Swedish pastor Ronny Nygren, who was arranged to take his church’s youth group to Rome on Friday and was hoping they would be rebooked on another flight, stated he had actually blended sensations about the strike.

“It’s good that they’re fighting for their work conditions. But then you have to think about the 13 percent, compared to other Swedes’ salaries,” he informed TT.

The strike impacted about 70 percent of SAS flights, with the rest run by partner airline companies.

SAS has actually executed duplicated cost savings programs over the last few years to enhance its success, after teetering on the verge of personal bankruptcy in 2012.

In the very first quarter of 2019, the airline company expanded its losses, affected by unfavorable exchange impacts and high fuel rates.

It published a bottom line of 469 million kronor, compared to 249 million a year previously, however anticipated a full-year revenue.

Danish bank Sydbank on Friday forecasted the strike would cost SAS 60 to 80 million kronor daily.

A drawn-out strike, and the included pressure of satisfying the pilots’ needs, might put SAS in a precarious monetary position, gnawing at much of the revenue anticipated this year, Sydbank expert Jacob Pedersen informed TT.

“That could jeopardise the airline’s future,” Pedersen stated.

The SAS share rate was down by 5.6 percent in mid-morning trading, while Stockholm’s OMX 30 index was down 0.3 percent.

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