If the Animals from ‘Game of Thrones’ Houses Battled, Which One Would Win?

For almost a years, prospective kings and queens in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” have actually stabbed, slashed and poisoned their method towards a seat on the Iron Throne. And the fierceness of the human contenders mirrors the ferocity of the animals showed on these leaders’ banners.

Each of the program’s dominant houses is represented by an animal: an alarming wolf for Home Stark, a lion for Home Lannister, a stag for Home Baratheon, and a dragon for Home Targaryen. All of these animals were most likely selected as home sigils since they are intense and fatal fighters.

However which one is truly the fiercest and most dangerous of them all? Who would be the last one standing in the supreme face-off in between a lion, an alarming wolf, a stag and a dragon? [Move Over, ‘Game of Thrones’: 9 Real-Life ‘Dragons’]

Let’s be genuine: Conquering the dragon — which far tops the field in size, strength, weapons and defense — is the most significant barrier for all of the other animals, stated biologist Katie Hinde, an associate teacher at Arizona State University. Hinde is the developer of March Mammal Insanity (MMM), a yearly occasion that pits brackets of mammals (mainly) in imaginary fights to figure out the supreme champ.

One method the other animals might win is if the dragon lost the will to combat. For example, in “Game of Thrones,” the dragons are highly bonded to their “mother,” Daenerys Targaryen; one of them may desert a fight if his mom were missing, Hinde informed Live Science.

Another factor to consider might be the dragon’s energy level; as they likely need a lot of food to sustain their flight and fire production, cravings might affect their determination to engage in fight, stated Marc Kissel, a speaker in sociology at Appalachian State University in North Carolina.

Kissel, who told numerous MMM 2019 matches, informed Live Science that a dragon may “lose” a fight with a lion or alarming wolf by flying away in search of a simpler, more healthy meal.

And if the dragon were grounded and truly weak from cravings, “it might be possible for one of the carnivores to do some damage,” Brian Tanis, an MMM storyteller and a doctoral prospect in biology at Oregon State University, informed Live Science in an e-mail.

What about the other animals? A stag may be able to eliminate an alarming wolf or lion with its antlers — in the program’s very first episode, the Starks found a dead alarming wolf with an antler ingrained in its body — or it might surrender the match by escaping. Predators can’t eliminate what they can’t capture, and over half of predator attacks end with their victim’s escape, Hinde stated.

Nevertheless, the stag is likewise the just rival that might possibly beat the dragon, she included.

When a lion attacks, it normally jumps at its victim to provide an effective bite to the neck. While a lion’s jaws definitely might remove the throat of a stag or wolf, its teeth could not permeate the dragon’s scales, Hinde stated.

However the sharp branches of a stag’s antlers might perhaps pierce dragon armor — offered that there was currently a used location, or a space in between the scales, and if the stag averted the dragon’s fire, Hinde stated. Nevertheless, the force required for a deadly blow would need the dragon to fall out of the sky and impale itself onto the stag’s antlers, getting rid of both stag and dragon.

With the dragon out of the method, the alarming wolf might square off versus the lion. A pack of alarming wolves would probably beat a lion, however an only wolf would be at a drawback, as these animals generally hunt as a group, Hinde stated. In a one-on-one conflict, the lion might quickly emerge the victor — much as Home Lannister has actually provided for much of the series.

So, when the dust lastly chose this battleground, who would be left? While particular scenarios may prefer the lion, the dragon would more than likely crush (or burn) the competitors, professionals (and Live Science editors) all concurred.

“They’ve got incredible armor, they can fly and they have fire, which gives them the capacity to do damage from a distance,” Hinde stated. “That’s always going to be really tricky to defeat.”

Initially released on Live Science.

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