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  1. This stuff is so cool. At the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, they had a whole bunch of bins set up with this so you could stick your hands in feel/see the different textures they used for different parts of the set. Absolutely blew my mind.

  2. that’s pretty cool. I think it looked the most like snow when it started to harden, rather than at the very end, when it was quite powdery

  3. If anyone needs snow the can just come pick it up from my driveway, then you don’t need to make it 🙂

  4. Repost straight from the front page at an attempt to grab upvotes without providing any science to what’s happening.

    The kind of post this sub doesn’t need.
    This is sodium polyacrylate reacting with water.

    Edit: Added in some actual science info.

    Sodium polyacrylate (AKA waterlock) is a superabsorbent polymer. It has the ability to absorb as much as 100 to 1000 times its own mass in water.

    It’s commonly used in making fake snow and also in baby diapers.

    Formula: C3H3NaO2

    Edit 2: Downvotes for expecting some science info on a sub about science stuff? Really?

    Hello, /r/NewMildlyInteresting!!!

    Edit 3: A day later I come back and this comment went from -20 (being hidden due to low threshold) to +76 and non-controversial.
    Wow. I am shocked. **Happily** shocked.
    I’m legitimately relieved to see there are THAT many users here who still love the science aspect of this sub. <3

  5. Wouldn’t a long stick be better? Both for the back and the evenness of the mix? And the protection?

  6. On screen, it looks more like snow, than snow.. wonder if they used it in “Scott of the Antarctic “

  7. Norsacryl.

    Awesome stuff to work with powdery at the start and gets thicker the more water you add.

    Absorbs the moisture from your hands and if left out also absorbs the moisture in the air!

    Same stuff they use in nappies aswell.


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