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  1. I’ve got a friend that had this done. Knee cancer as a kid. He’s now makes prosthetics for a living. He’s a cool dude.

    Edit: the upside is you have a “real” joint. The downside is it puts a lot of pressure on your toes and foot ima direction it wasn’t designed for. Pressure can cause some issues. Still cool, relative to the situation anyway.

  2. I’d have to ask them to take my toes off too, or at least just up to the knuckle so I wouldn’t have to deal with growing toenails (Knee-nails?)

  3. JFC I thought she was born with it the other way, but they *made* it that way. Tweaked me out, but I hope it works well.

  4. Wait hold on now, I get that they remove the knee and reattach the lower portion of the leg with the femur.. But how the fuck does it join back with the main leg and become a fully functional reverse feet?

  5. Imagine the pair of balls/ovaries on the doctor who first suggested this.. “Ok, bear with me, what if…”.

  6. At first I saw her walking and thought, “Why the Fuck would anyone have this done??” thinking to myself that maybe this is an option for a below-knee-amputation to preserve function of movement.. Then they put the prosthesis on and it all became clear.

  7. I dated a guy who had this done due to knee cancer as a child. He could skateboard, snowboard, ride bikes etc. It is absolutely amazing medical science that someone figured out how to create a new knee with the remains of a perfectly good foot. It may be unsettling to look at for some, but whatever. It changes people’s lives.

  8. So if I’m getting this right, the foot is attached backwards because then it can function as a knee, saying that it’s pretty much useless if it’s on the right way? Is that the only reason it’s done like this sometimes?

  9. this is an incredible surgery, but good lord is it not the most unsettling thing i’ve seen in my life

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