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  1. Imagine being the first person to get braces. Must’ve been one hell of an explaination to convince that person.

  2. I have PTSD from watching this. The days of eating soups, porridges and soft foods. The rubber bands accidentally breaking. The absolute pain. But braces do their job.

  3. As someone who has never had braces, I was surprised by how non-invasive that was… right up until the 51 second mark when they took what appears to be a giant tack and punctured directly into the upper gum with it.

    Jesus, that’s nightmarish. How is that not constantly painful?

  4. Nope not correct at all.
    No orthodontist cutting part of your cheek off with the “cut free wire clippers”.
    No having your tongue cemented into a molar bracket. I call bs.

  5. Just got braces recently and they hurt a ton right now. But cool though, can’t wait to see the improvements.

  6. I really want to know how the first proposal to suggest braces went.

    “Here’s what we’ll do, we’re going to glue metal onto your teeth, and thread a metal wire to connect them together.

    Also, we will take some rubber bands and lock them together so they pull your teeth back into shape.

    You will also drool a lot and not be able to talk and eat properly for a while, but if your teeth are really not great we will drill some joints into your gums and bones and pull your teeth together through there.

    Trust me, I just made this up.”

  7. Wore these when I was 14, around 1998. Still remember the pain of them tightening that damn wire. Also the retainer.

    Not long after I got them off, the invisible ones came along. Figures!

  8. Whoever picked the font color for this video is out of their mind. That pink font on pink background was ridiculous

  9. You forgot to show the part where they cram the mouthpeice with playdough and Reef that bitch up your jaw so fast you feel like your going to choke to death on playdough

  10. Do not cite the dark magic to me Witch. I was there when it was written.~ Everyone who’s been tortured with these.

  11. God i forgot how bad this was. Going and getting them tightened then my teeth being so sensitive and sore…i remember crying once because i closed my mouth too hard and the pain just resonated all the way up.

    Though i dont regret it, i had them grade 9-12, now im in my late 20s and a lot of friends who never had ortho work say that they wished they had their teeth fixed young because now theyre self conscious about it but dont want braces on this late in life.

    Looking back im glad i got it over with while i was a teen.

  12. As someone who never had braces it’s seems ridiculous and horrible to strap your jaws together with goddamn elastic bands, how does anyone put up with that long enough to do anything, especially a child

  13. I wore braces for 5 years. Pure torture to a 12 year old. I remember my mouth was too small and they put this little bridge on the top and bottom of my mouth. There was this little crank that I had to turn that literally pushed the sides of my mouth apart to widen my mouth. I would do two or three turns every night but it was never enough for my dickhole orthodontist. I dreaded my appointments because he’d go in there and turn it 20-30 times. I walked out of that office crying each time.

  14. Me with ultra fucked up teeth looking at this gif : Hey, braces aren’t so bad, maybe i should insta…

    *saw a screw installed in the gum and then connected with other screw*

    forget it.

  15. Im currently 6 months into an 18 month period of braces. You get them tightened every month and it hurts so much you need pain killers. They are a lot of work but the results should be worth it!!!

  16. All the pain… It all comes back now.
    My god I will have nightmares. 10 long years of some sort of disguised torture. What for? A minor overbite and what? My orthodontist decided I had to have my upper teeth moved to the right to align them with my face. Had to have 8 molars (sp?) Removed to make room to do so. Had about all of the shown procedures done except for the screw in the gums. The worst thing was the fact that, once I wanted to have my upper retainer removed because it would break every two weeks or so they wanted my parents permission. I was 21 at the time! I sometimes wonder how much money they make of a single patient. Seeing the cars they drive in it must be big business.
    Best thing about it was using it as an excuse to skip school. I always had to go to the ortho during either gym or economics.
    Thanks for bringing this up. The gif is very educational tho, now I know what they did to me!

  17. I had braces put on last year, and I’ve been quite curious how they were attached. Fortunately I don’t need palette spreading or any of that screw in the gum stuff.

    Now I just wonder how they’ll take the buggers off next year.

  18. I must have had really messed up teeth or something, because I had these huge metal bands that went around each tooth and the brackets were attached to those. You could only see about 20% of each tooth, the rest was just metal. I looked like (well, felt like anyway) Jaws from James Bond.

  19. I hated braces so much. The day you got new bands was the worst. Your mouh hurt so bad you could barely chew

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