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  1. Scientist 1: we got a 50k grant, what experiment should we do?

    Scientist 2: let’s shoot a beer with a fuckin laser.

    Scientist 1: I love this job so much.

  2. What would the practical implications of this be? If you shot a laser at a bottle of beer would it just be flat if you didn’t open it quickly enough?

    Also would like a laser pointer level laser do this?

  3. Is this not just because of the heat being transmitted into the liquid reducing the solubility of the gas?

  4. Someone should build a laser decarbonator

    I have no idea as to the practical uses for a laser decarbonator

  5. I just spent a good 3 minutes wondering what kind of fancy science camera they used to film through a can of beer before I remembered about bottles.

  6. Ummm thanks, I guess….I’ve been around a lot of military and usually beer is what they go for. The heavier stuff is harder to shake off.

  7. So you’re saying if you excite the CO2 using a high energy photon stream that it comes out of solution?

    Who would have thought it?

    More interesting, WHY would they think to do that?

  8. I read a paper once where some physicists tried to do this with particle radiation instead. After trying all of their radiation sources, they put a Natty Lite in front of a particle accelerator.

  9. Video wouldn’t play…

    LUCKILY, as a man of SCIENCE, I have ALL the necessary equipment to try this!!!

  10. Anyone know what causes this? My best guess is from heating. Warm beer can absorb/hold less co2 so if you rapidly heated it with a laser, I’d imagine some amount would come out of suspension.

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