Styrofoam peanut in acetone (OC)

Styrofoam peanut in acetone (OC) Read more »

Materials with a kagome lattice pattern exhibit ‘negative magnetism’ and long-sought ‘flat-band’ electrons — LiveScience.Tech

Taking their name from an elaborate Japanese basket pattern, kagome magnets are believed to have electronic residential or commercial properties that might be important for future quantum gadgets and... Read more »

Rice U. Researchers Unveil Internet of Things Security Feature

Dai Li (left) and Kaiyuan Yang of Rice University’s VLSI Laboratory will provide their brand-new security technology at the 2019 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), which is informally called... Read more »

Scientists Have Created Synthetic DNA with 4 Extra Letters

A couple billion years back, 4 particles danced into the stylish double-helix structure of DNA, which supplies the codes for life on our world. However were these 4... Read more »

It’s time for California to let some of its thirsty farmland go

Some half a million acres of the most efficient farming area in the world — California’s San Joaquin Valley — will have to fall fallow, a brand-new report states.... Read more »

A Brilliant Daytime Meteor Exploded Over Cuba This Month. Here’s Where It Came From

Astronomers simply got the products on the meteor that flared over Cuba previously this month. The daytime sky program impressed countless individuals throughout western Cuba on Feb. 1. A... Read more »

CEA-Leti Combines Integrated Optics and Holography in Novel Lens-Free, Augmented Reality Technology

Leti, an institute of CEA-Tech, has developed a novel retinal-projection concept for augmented reality (AR) uses based on a combination of integrated optics and holography. The lens-free optical system... Read more »

A new law was supposed to protect South Africans’ privacy. It may block important research instead | Science

Blood from a finger prick can be examined for infections like HIV, however a new personal privacy guideline may limit research on such information in South Africa. Mary Teena... Read more »

Critically endangered northern quolls may be surviving in Darwin’s northern suburbs

Published February 20, 2019 14: 29: 45 Photo: Mackay Smith found the endangered quoll in Darwin’s suburbs this week. (Supplied: Parks and Wildlife) You might be forgiven for puzzling... Read more »

Art gets ‘caldera-like’ acne, too. This tool could help clear it up.

Georgia O’Keeffe is popular for her flowers—sexual red canna lilies, hypnotic Jimson weed, flowering calla lilies. However a more spiritual topic might have been the Pedernal mesa, a renowned... Read more »