Are Human Brains Unique? | Science and Technology Research News

Rebuilt neuronal connections in between various mouse brain locations. Image source: Allen Institute for Brain Science Research by Dr Ben Fulcher discovers that ‘lower animal’ brains have the exact... Read more »

How fear of regret barricades us into unhealthy jobs and relationships

How sometimes have you considered beginning a business, taking a year out to compose that unique or leaving a loveless relationship however wound up not doing anything about it?... Read more »

Why Does Earth Have an Atmosphere?

Earth’s environment is huge, up until now reaching that it even impacts the International Spaceport station’s path. However how did this huge gaseous envelope kind? That is,... Read more »

Microsoft workers protest use of HoloLens headsets for war

A group of Microsoft workers is requiring the business cancel an agreement providing the U.S. Army with HoloLens headsets that they state would turn real-world battlegrounds into a computer... Read more »

Hubble Space was launched into low Earth orbit in 1990.

Hubble Space was launched into low Earth orbit in 1990. Read more »

New dynamic dependency framework may lead to better neural social and tech systems models

In a paper released just recently in Nature Physics, Bar-Ilan University Prof. Havlin, and a group of scientists, consisting of Stefano Boccaletti, Ivan Bonamassa, and Michael M. Danziger, present... Read more »

Quantum Dots Can Spit out Clone-Like Photons

Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopic lense image (STEM) of single perovskite quantum dots. New research study reveals that single perovskite quantum dots might be a basic foundation for quantum-photonic innovations... Read more »

NHS told to ditch ‘outdated’ pagers

The NHS has actually been told to stop utilizing pagers for interactions by 2021, in order to conserve cash. The health service still utilizes about 130,000 pagers, which has... Read more »

Q&A: Ron Vale, new chief of Janelia Research Campus, on why 15 years is a good research time frame | Science

Alison Yin/AP Images for HHMI Today, cell biologist Ron Vale was called executive director of Janelia Research Campus, the in-house research arm of the $20 billion Howard Hughes Medical... Read more »

Conservation of Momentum

Conservation of Momentum Read more »