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  1. I use bromothymol, thymol, bromophenol, and phenol all the time at work.. super useful in titrations for everything from acid content to HCHO.

  2. I’m doing titrations right now and they suck. My TA expects pristine accuracy but on a tertiary titration some shit’s going to be messed up.

  3. Titrations, fucking titrations.

    I had a lab practical last semester which was like our version of a test for that class, where instead of working in groups we were all on our own that day and we couldn’t talk (like during a test)

    So, I almost critically fucked up a few times. I:

    1. Almost put the acid I was supposed to be titrating in my pipette thing. I almost didn’t notice until right before I put it in

    2. I forgot to add indicator during one of the titrations. Luckily I wasn’t even close to the endpoint.

    3. I forgot to start the stir bar. Again, luckily I wasn’t near the endpoint.

    If I hadn’t gotten the first titration right, though, I wouldn’t have had reference for where the endpoint was and I would have been a lot more screwed. Ended up getting 59.5/60, because of all things, I forgot my units on one or two of the measurements. Oh well.

  4. I feel like we used the exact same chemicals for our recent science experiment. Same concept. Basically everyone grabbed a beaker with liquid in it and exchanged there liquid with 3 people(using droppers). At the end my teacher came around and dropped something in the beakers and if you exchanged with the infected person or a person they had previously exchanged with yours would turn pink. Less than 25% didn’t have pink.

  5. Oh, I think I had a titration lab practical once. It’s stressful because I’d jerk my hand loosening the burette, and the base would just pour out (luckily I never titrated way past the endpoint).

  6. And if you’re looking just off center off the gif when it loops, the solution turns light green for a moment!

  7. Note: I didn’t expect a spinning pink solution to blow up, but here we are…!

    If anyone wants the actual slow motion video, I might be able to send it.

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