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  1. I swear I think this is from a book I had when I was a kid. It was a whole book of Greek and Roman landmarks as they are today, but with a clear, plastic page that you turned over and the “How it looked back then” restorations would fit nicely over top of the image.

    I loved that book.

  2. You forgot all the prehistoric cranes and construction gear. They obviously seem to be part of the exhibit as I have never seen it without them

  3. So the paint is gone, no big deal. The real tragedy is that it had its roof on until 1687, when the Turks decided to store gunpowder there, and some Venetian idiot decided to fire a canon at it. Fuck those guys…

  4. Might as well say that as a Brit I’m embarrassed to say that the Marble frieze at the top is in the British Museum. It’s beautiful. Yes it should be back in Greece, but there again, everything in the British Museum was stolen from someone and it’s a dilemma I don’t have the answer for. The sculptures are not like new. A good few ancient tourists got a piece before Elgin whipped them away, and I’d argue they are better for being in London for the past few hundred years then being in Athens. We should give them back, they are key to Greek culture and it doesn’t feel right to me. We also have stuff from the city ISIS destroyed (senior moment, forgot its name), so there is a reasonable argument for having good examples of ancient cultures spread around.

    And you should visit both Athens and the Museum if you can.

  5. An important point to make in this is that lot of buildings and statues in ancient times were painted bright colors. The bare marble statues we see today we’re almost certainly painted and the buildings were usually bright and colorful.

  6. I’ve seen parts of the Parthenon in the British museum. I’m looking forward to seeing the building itself one day in Athens.

  7. Needs more Athena! The Parthenon was kind of like the Lincoln Memorial, with a giant statue of Athena, the patron god of Athens. You wouldn’t be able to see it from this angle but it’s a pretty important point.

    Also, the Parthenon was just one building of many on the Acropolis, so a more representative photo would also show restored versions of the others.

    In other words this image is great, but choosing other angles might give an opportunity to have a better understanding of what the space is about.

  8. It’s sad that we can’t see what these buildings used to look like properly, like the pyramids were built with white limestone on the other parts of them

  9. It still makes me mad that a bunch of Ottomans stored ammunition there and Venetians thought it would be a great idea to shoot the thing and blow it up, 331 years ago…

  10. I remember when I went there last summer that the reason it is so beat to shit is because the romans (maybe them) would hold all their gun powder up there and during one of the wars they had, all the enemy had to do was firey rocks up there and the whole thing fucking exploded.

  11. This post and the rest of r/gifshop feel like r/therestofthefuckingowl

    There’s quite a lot of editing that went through from start to finish, but we’re robbed of the process.

    Edit: r/restofthefuckingowl

    Edit2: yup that’s the one.

  12. The parthenon was destroyed and rebuilt numerous times due to raids from external forces and conquering civilizations. The acropolis was ransacked by Romans, Persians, barbaric tribes, and pirates from all over the Mediterranean. It was also turned into a mosque under Ottoman rule. The Parthenon is an amazing landmark and is definitely worth visiting if you ever get the chance.

  13. I’d much rather see a rebuilt Parthenon then the ruin, same with all ancient wonders, they’d be beautiful and amazing instead of decrepit and lost

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