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  1. Well that was awesome. Had to watch it twice to get the transition, watch the beams underneath supporting the glass disappear!

  2. Is silver still commonly used in the production of mirrors, or is there a cheaper alternative people use these days?

  3. Those ripples when he moves it remind me of the paintings you jump through in super Mario n64… I believe one was a mirror too actually.

  4. This is also an example of a front silvered/first surface mirror. Most consumer mirrors are made by reflecting on the back through a coating while this reflects off the surface. A benefit is that light is reflected instead of having to go through a medium reflect then the medium again.

  5. If you’re going to try this at home using silver nitrate and sodium hydroxide, keep in mind that solution may produce a potentially explosive concentration of silver nitride. Silver nitride is a contact explosive and when dry is extremely easy to detonate.

  6. The Guy behind this , is an actual genius. He has a football star son and a successful accountant wife. He teaches chemistry to students and even does 1 on 1 lessons after school.

    I believe he’s co-founder of a large company too.

  7. I have a question. How do we sort of instinctively know that a mirror is silver-colored when it’s actually colored the same as whatever it reflects? Or do I know it’s silver just because I know that’s what they use? Or is this a dumb question?

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