Meteorite strikes in town in western Cuba

Homeowners and travelers in a town in western Cuba saw a flare pass through the sky and heard a surge Friday in what authorities stated was a meteorite strike.

Witnesses reported seeing a ball of fire and a smoke path in a clear midday sky, and a rain of black stones fell on the traveler town of Vinales and other parts of Pinar del Rio province. Surges were likewise heard and a smoke path seen in Havana. There were no reports of damage or injuries.

“We were coming from the center … and we saw a ball of fire cross the sky,” stated Spanish traveler Jesus Nicolas, 34, in Havana. “Sure it was a meteorite and a very big one.”

Amidst speculation on social networks, state media in Cuba rejected that an airplane had actually crashed and called it a “natural, physical phenomenon.”

Later Friday, a declaration from Cuba’s Ministry of Science and the Environment keep reading a nighttime broadcast verified that it was a meteorite strike.

Efren Jaimez Salgado, head of the Environmental Geology, Geophysics and Dangers department of Cuba’s Institute of Geophysics and Astronomy, earlier informed state paper Granma that initial info recommends a meteorite or meteorite pieces struck a location near the Mural of Prehistory in Vinales which a group was heading to the location to take samples.

Pictures released revealed little black stones which when divided open had dark red veins.

Individuals in the archbishopric of Pinar del Rio verified that 2 strong surges were heard and in backwoods of the province rumblings were heard and some homes shivered.

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