Unmanned Vehicles to Take Quantum Leap

Mechanical sensing units on a silicon chip. Credit: Dr Christopher Baker.

Quantum sensing units being established at the University of Queensland might change navigation and interactions in unmanned and self-governing vehicles.

UQ scientists are dealing with the Australian Defence Force (ADF), NASA, Orica Ltdand Brisbane’s Skyborne Technologies to establish the next-generation sensing units as part of a $6.6 million Australian effort to establish quantum innovations for usage in defence applications.

UQ researcher Teacher Warwick Bowen stated the research study might place Australia as a world-leader in ultraprecise sensing units for unmanned and self-governing vehicles.

“This is an exciting new direction, applying quantum physics to major challenges in modern technology,” he stated.

“Quantum sensing units enable considerably enhanced efficiency and might change navigation and placing abilities for unmanned vehicles.

“These sensing units will be so accurate that the laws of quantum physics are needed to comprehend how they operate.

“And they’ll be built from both nanoengineered mechanical devices fabricated on a silicon chip, and atomic gases cooled until they behave as matter waves.”

The research study belongs to the freshly developed Australia-wide Quantum Technologies Research study Network, established under the Next Generation Technologies Fund.

UQ has actually been granted 2 tasks concentrated on establishing quantum accelerometers, gyroscopes, finder and magnetometers, with overall financing of $1.7 million.

Teacher Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop stated the partnerships with the Australian Defence Force and other partners were vital to the research study’s success.

“Taking sophisticated new sensors out of the lab and into practical applications is challenging, but working with the ADF, NASA and other industry partners will make this possible,” she stated.

“The Quantum Technologies Research study Network will place Australia at the leading edge of this essential location of technology.

“By partnering with market, academic community and federal government research study companies, we can press the capacity of quantum innovations, produce model systems, and show the useful application of quantum systems to complex and requiring defence issues.

“UQ is the perfect place for research in quantum technology, and we’re excited about the world-changing technology that this collaboration will create.”

Teacher Bowen and Teacher Rubinsztein-Dunlop deal with UQ’s Accuracy Sensing Effort and the Australian Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQUS),

The Next Generation Technologies Fund has actually been developed under the Defence Science and Technology Group, whose objective is to use science and technology to protect Australia.

The financed tasks will likewise make use of the knowledge of UQ quantum physics scientists Dr Mark Baker and Dr Michael Bromley.

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