The Daily Show’s response to Trump’s global warming tweet is 👌

Temperature levels in parts of the Midwest and Northeast struck sub-zero today, and right on hint, President Trump took to Twitter to wax classic about “good ole global warming,” cleaning off a joke he’s utilized lots of a time.

Excellent one, Mr. President! However a) no, we don’t require more global warming; b) that it doesn’t make any sense; and c) either you’ve established a Boston accent or you spelled “warming” incorrect.

As the majority of grownups (and kids) understand, environment and weather condition are 2 various things. The weather condition can be cold even as the world warms internationally. Case in point: Australia is sizzling in a record-breaking heatwave that is anticipated to continue through April.

However you understand what? No. Discussing weather condition to Trump is like attempting to discuss grammar to a potato, the thinking may be sound however the spud doesn’t comprehend English. Trevor Noah of the Daily Program appears to comprehend our limitless disappointment and made a quite amusing section including an irritated professional (comic Ronny Chieng of Crazy Rich Asians):

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