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  1. Has it ever been recorded on video where you can see the sea just lift itself up out of nothing? that must be freaky to see.

  2. You should mention that the snap of the plates is basically creating an earth quake, which can result in a tsunami

  3. Is this a good way of explaining it or is this hugely exaggerated? Do the tectonic plates actually bend and snap like they were made out of rubber, I’m genuinely interested.

  4. This video exaggerates things a bit to make it clear but, yeah, this is pretty much how it goes. We don’t think about rocks having any kind of “elastic” property, because they’re so naturally rigid, but when a rock is the size of a tectonic plate, even a little bit of elasticity leads to, well, this.

  5. Why haven’t we set up cameras and bright ass LEDs down in the ocean to try and catch one of these heaves?

  6. Oh look. Someone illustrated my biggest fear so I know EXACTLY how the gargantuan murder wall of death water will kill me. Nice.

  7. Couple questions: does the first large wave become more powerful/dangerous as it travels towards land or is there a loss in energy due to friction or something, and secondly, is it just the first wave that is dangerous? The peaks after look much shorter

  8. Is there any satalite imagry of the source point of a tsunami? I can’t imagine it just looks like a circle as depicted in this gif but I’d love to see it.

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