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  1. The movie ‘Trinity and Beyond’, narrated by William Shatner, is an awesome documentary about nuclear bombs. Highly recommend.

  2. And that’s why nukes detonate before they hit the ground, the “receiver” gets to experience two of those shockwaves.

  3. Why does it look like the shockwave starts to move the way it came? Is the footage being rewound? Or is the shockwave actually moving back towards point of impact?

  4. Atom bomb footage. From Nevada
    at Frenchman Flats, I suspect. I was
    passing by one summer day and quite
    be accident was swallowed in dust
    kicked-up by an A-Bomb shock wave.
    My father saw the nuclear testing from
    Johnson Atoll. If you visit it using Google
    Earth you’ll see it isn’t desert environment
    nor the film stock location labeled nuclear.

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