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  1. Wow this really helps me understand microgravity a lot better. I guess before this gif, i thought you could “swim” through space. So when you swim in water, you’re pushing off of water? And i assume he got to the edge because of the gravity that still exists that far up?

  2. Reason #45 I couldn’t be an astronaut. I’d spend 2 weeks of my first misson to space goofing off in zero G like this guy.

  3. What if he took his shirt off and threw it away from him? Would he be equally propelled away from it and thus towards a wall?

  4. I wish someone who knew high dive twisting technique could do this. I’m fairly certain that you can simply start a sustained spinning motion with it.

  5. I’ve often, strangely, wondered how far you could get by blowing air out of your mouth in zero G. The air friction allowed him to get some movement, but if you could blow air out like blowing bubbles, but strongly, that should act like a mini-jet propulsion system… right? Though maybe it’s not enough thrust to do much.

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  7. Fuck I want to do that the thought that we live life on earth glued to the ground and the fact that we can be weightless in space is mesmerizing.

  8. I can imagine lone working being stressful “Hey bob can you help me, I’ve permanently parked myself again and not in reach of a hold”…”ya doofus”

  9. Not sure what the context is, but he seems to be demonstrating his ability to change *orientation* without any external force on his body (like pulling on a handrail).

    Cats have the uncanny ability to do this by “always landing on their feet”. It’s actually a really interesting physics problem because angular momentum is always conserved, but by twisting in certain ways, animals can do some crazy maneuvers.

    Note how he’s repeating very exact movements and each time he’s rotating a bit in space. At the end he seems done and just reaches up to grab a rail… seems like he could have done that at any point.

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