Ever question what occurs to individuals when they get booted from President Trump’s enhances? (They do not all end up with a Saturday Night Live journey down memory lane.)

It’s been nearly 6 months given that Scott Pruitt was let go as head of the EPA, and for the a lot of part he’s been staying out of the spotlight. According to sources, Pruitt is utilizing his market connections to introduce a personal consulting organisation– you understand, promoting coal exports and consorting with coal barons, the method a previous administrator of the Epa would.

Nevertheless, Pruitt’s attorney, Cleta Mitchell, states these brand-new profession pursuits will stop brief of breaking a main five-year restriction on lobbying the EPA. After a mess of principles offenses and legal scandals, Pruitt is case with care. Mitchell states: “He has discussed multiple opportunities with me and has been quite careful not to do anything that is even close to the line.”

Although Pruitt’s fall from grace hasn’t been memorialized on SNL, he did end up being the butt of a couple of jokes by somebody else– his previous bestie, Donald Trump.

Obviously, Trump has actually praised Andrew Wheeler, Pruitt’s replacement, numerous times for not shopping utilized bed mattress from Trump Hotel. Yep. Pruitt did that. However hey, there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with a little reuse, lower, recycle– it might end up being among Pruitt’s much better relocations for the environment.