South Korea to fine BMW $10 mn over engine fires response

BMW automobiles breaking into flames made headlings in South Korea previously this year, triggering an enormous recall.

South Korea stated Monday it will fine German car manufacturer BMW 11.2 billion won ($10 million) for presumably dragging its feet in remembering automobiles with defective engines connected to lots of enginefires

BMW automobiles breaking into flames made headings in South Korea previously this year, with regional media reporting more than 40 cases in 2018 and some parking area refusing to accept BMW automobiles over fears they might ignite.


The car giant remembered more than 170,000 automobiles in South Korea with a malfunctioning exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler, which the company blamed for the fires.


In August, it revealed a recall for Europe and some Asian nations– consisting of South Korea– of 480,000 automobiles impacted by the exact same issue, prior to broadening it to more than one million extra diesel automobiles 2 months later on.


“BMW announced earlier that it had become aware of the connection between the faulty EGR cooler and the fire only on July 20 this year,” the South Korean transportation ministry stated in a declaration, revealing the outcomes of a five-month probe.


“But we discovered that… BMW’s German headquarters had already formed a special team in October 2015 tasked with solving the EGR cooler problem.”


In addition to the fine, the ministry will likewise ask district attorneys to examine BMW for presumably postponing recognition of the problem on function and dragging its feet on the recall.


In South Korea, 6 out of 10 imported automobiles are from Germany, with BMW selling almost 39,000 in the very first 6 months of this year, according to the Korea Auto Importers and Distributors Association.

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