Panasonic Utilizes 100% Renewable Energy to Power the Consumer Electronics Recycling Plant

Not just has Panasonic Group’s consumer electronics recycling plant, Panasonic Eco Technology Center Co.,Ltd (PETEC) made efforts over the years to lower the energy taken in, it has actually likewise carried out options to develop energy and to obtain electrical power produced by renewable resource. Due to these efforts, it now works on 100% renewable electrical power, however it is taking its efforts an action even more to end up being an absolutely no CO2 emission factory by replacing nonrenewable fuel sources, and so on

In accordance to the “Environment Vision 2050” advertised in June 2017, Panasonic has actually carried out different efforts to develop no CO2 emission factories. Specifically, it has, for instance embraced LED lighting and FEMS (FactoryEnergy Management System) technology to conserve energy, carried out solar energy generation systems to develop energy, and acquired electrical power produced by renewable resource.

To end up being a pilot factory that will function as an assisting star for no CO2 emission factories to follow, PETEC has actually ended up being the initially factory to run 100% on renewable electrical power.

SavingEnergyInSeptember 2018, PETEC altered all of the lighting within the factory to LEDs. By doing so, it has actually decreased the factory’s CO2 emissions by roughly 2%.Creating energyCurrently,the factory is geared up with 50 kW of HIT( TM) photovoltaic panels, which has actually shaved roughly 1% off the factory’s CO2 emissions.Procuring electrical power produced by renewable energyTo procure energy essential after efforts explained in above 1 and 2, from April 2018 PETEC started using Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.’s “Hydraulic Eco Plan,” which utilizes no CO2 emission hydraulic power. In addition, through Panasonic’s procurement department, the Global Procurement Company, PETEC acquired an efficient non-fossil accreditation from the non-fossil worth market in April 2018, that makes its factory essentially 100% powered by renewable resource.

Furthermore, in February 2019, PETEC will set up 244 kW of HIT( TM) photovoltaic panels, and 330 kW more in December of the exact same year, bringing the overall capability to 624 kW. This, as an outcome, will help in reducing not roughly 1%, however 15% CO2 emissions.

Moreover, PETEC will promote different efforts, which likewise include advancement of exclusive innovations. These consist of efforts to conserve energy by using sophisticated energy management systems, by more embracing renewable resource such as geothermal heat, and innovations that can soak up, different, and use the CO2 given off by nonrenewable fuel sources. And by efficiently integrating these options, PETEC will aim to end up being a factory with even remarkable energy performance and no CO2 emissions.

Panasonic will use these steps carried out by this pilot factory to factories in Japan and throughout the world to accelerate its efforts to recognize the no CO2 emission factory objective stated in its Environment Vision 2050.

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