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  1. To give something educational to this, from the original thread (tsk tsk OP):

    > How tall can you make it?

    > Serious answer if you are interested is ~2.7mm. This is the capillary length, below that height, drops make more spherical shapes (like the little one in the bottom right of the gif). Above that, the mass of the droplet is large enough that gravity can pull down on the droplet with greater force than what the drop can hold its spherical shape due to surface tension.

  2. Sorry, presenting images and information that lead to those type of “What is that?!” moment is kind of an educational philosophy of mine. In my science classroom I try to get kids to ask questions rather than just read the textbook or listen to me talk. It can be really interesting and give me a way better idea of how their minds work and are connecting ideas.

    Anyway, old habit, and maybe not the best idea for here. I just thought this gif was awesome! I get how hydrophobic molecules work on a cellular level inside our bodies, I’ve just never seen a macroscopic demo this good! I mean I have literally never seen water behave like that! That by itself is mind blowing and educational to me!

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