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  1. This looks absolutely exhausting. Major kudos to these artists

    edit: oh my god why did i not say “major kubos”, what a fucking waste

  2. Hold the fuck up, this movie was stop-motion? I just thought it was CGI, fuck me that’s some majorly impressive stop-motion.

  3. I thought it took a long time to film claymation. I newer would have thought it was just very talented people who moved real fast. They must make a lot of money!

  4. If you haven’t seen Isle of Dogs yet either, you’re In for an adventure with that one too. Breathtaking visuals of cities, garbage dumps, etc.

  5. This might be a dumb question- but how do they know how much to “move it” in between takes? I imagine that the less they move it the smoother the animation is- but you could whiddle that down to infinity if you wanted to (which would make production take years)

  6. I always wonder what these people think, after putting in all that hard work, when they ask someone what they thought of the movie and they say something like it “Yeah it was good.”

  7. I fucking knew this was stop motion, we were tripping hard on lsd and everyone was telling me it was just the acid. I fukn knew it!

  8. If you haven’t seen Coraline put it on your list, this movie doesn’t get enough credit.

    Then after you watch it watch all the extra behind the scenes footage of the making of this stop motion movie. It took 5 years.

  9. It’s not claymation tho.

    It blew my mind when I saw the expressions they got in the movie. Usually in stopmotion the characters aren’t really that expressive because every frame needs a custom face model, but holy shit this movie got even the most subtle expression modeled

  10. This is such a fantastic movie. My 5 year old niece always asks to watch it when she comes over and she watches it on repeat, it never gets old for me. They put so much amazing work into the film.

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