The incredible process of animating a stop-motion claymation film.

The incredible process of animating a stop-motion claymation film. Read more »

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? .. Wait, it IS a Plane?!

For the very first time, MIT researchers have established the first-ever aircraft that has NO moving parts. This radical method towards flying is in the form of a very small, light-weight and essentially... Read more »

Move Over Woolly Mammoth – There is a New Giant Dinosaur that Roamed the (Triassic) Earth!

A brand-new type of gigantic ancient herbivore would have eclipsed its family members!! Fossils discovered in Poland come from a previously undiscovered species from the Triassic period, some 237 million to 201... Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies

When Chinese researchers first edited the genes of a human embryo in a lab dish in 2015, it sparked global outcry and pleas from scientists not to make a... Read more »

Report highlights impacts, risks and adaptations to climate change — ScienceDaily

A brand-new federal report discovers that climate change is impacting the natural surroundings, farming, energy production and usage, land and water resources, transport, and human health and well-being throughout... Read more »

United Nations considers a test ban on evolution-warping gene drives

The billionaire Bill Gates wishes to end malaria, therefore he’s especially “energized” about gene drives, a technology that might erase the mosquitoes that spread out the illness. Gates calls... Read more »

Mars InSight: NASA’s new mission to the Red Planet about to attempt daring touchdown – Science News

Six years after NASA’s Curiosity rover arrived at Mars in what has actually decreased in history as the 7 minutes of horror, researchers are about to attempt to land... Read more »

Reaction of Chlorine and Brake Fluid

Check out this cool (we mean hot, lols) exothermic reaction of Chlorine and Brake Fluid. Read more »

Breathing new life into a 120 million-year old Bird!

In the middle of the desert in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Fossilized lungs discovered preserved within with an ancient bird might revive research studies of early bird respiration. If verified as... Read more »

45,000 RPM Skateboard Wheel Explodes

45,000 RPM Skateboard Wheel Explodes Read more »