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  1. How it’s made: two triangles of copper connected to make the tree, then addition of 10 mL of Silver Nitrate

  2. Anyone remember those little cardboard trees with the dyed tips that also grew crystals? Can’t for the life remember what they are called

  3. How long does the reaction take, also how long does it stay like this? Could you use it as some kind of awesome nerdy snow globe type thing?

  4. I have a C in Chemistree
    Oh how are you,
    So difficult,
    Your weird reactions
    Say it all.
    Oh chemistree,
    oh chemistree,
    I’m going to fail
    It with a C.

  5. I wish I got to do cool experiments like this in school. Instead I just had to titrate shit in biochem and in O chem we had to extract clove oil which made me smell like Christmas for 2 weeks.

  6. Fun fact: the crystal structures that grow outward from the base material are called “dendrites”, which is German for “tree”!

  7. This is from my son’s school, awesome to see their stuff on here. They run academic enrichment classes for students on Saturday’s and he regularly sends me videos like this.

  8. Ugh, I’m so sick of these misleading titles. This clearly isn’t an organic reaction so I don’t know why its titled that way

  9. “It was at first,

    so cute and small

    Now the water runs,

    This won’t do at all.

    O-Chemistree, O-Conductivetree

    Lab tech Geoff

    Had three kids.”

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