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  1. * Drunk-O-Vision™ YouTube stabilisation
    * You see the finished weld for precisely 0.003 nanoseconds

    Certified mildly infuriating.

  2. Does anyone sense see the metal bend slightly at each brush? I’m sure it’s not really but what makes it look like that?

  3. Am i crazy or is that brush attached to a standard tig torch? I’ve cleaned plenty of welds but ive never seen an attachment like that. Any other welders here know what I’m saying?

  4. I worked in a metal shop that had this kind of machine. I can’t remember any of the details of the chemical reaction, but I vividly remember the stink. This process stinks.

  5. Videos in this thread:

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    [Tig Torch ‘n Stuff](|[+16]( – Since people seem interested in this, there is another chemical method of cleaning welds known as pickling paste. link with an explanation link for the impatient
    [TIG Weld Cleaning at Swanglen Metal Products](|[+9]( – original video. Description says it removes iron oxide marks and passivates the base metal. I’m not sure what’s going on electrochemically.
    [Weld seam laser cleaning](|[+1]( – You can also clean welds with lasers.
    [NEW: Robotic Weld Cleaning with LASER](|[+1]( – This technology is outdated. Make room for laser cleaning.
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  6. There should be a welding video of a SMAW weld soo good that the slag raises up off the weld in one piece. Those were always fun to make 🙂

  7. Question: why do you have to clean welds specifically and not the whole structure? And does it have to be so hardcore, or will a wipe down with some cream cleaner also do the trick?

  8. Hey neat we use these at work when we run stainless through the shop! This one looks like it works much better than the machine we use though…

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