Uranus reaches peak visibility tonight

Uranusreaches opposition and peak visibilitytonight

Opposition formally comes to 9 p.m. EDT, when the external world lies opposite the Sun in our sky. This implies it increases at sundown, climbs up greatest in the south around 1 a.m. regional daytime time, and sets at dawn. (From40 ° north latitude, Uranus peaks at an elevation of 61 °, the greatest it has actually appeared at opposition because February 1962.)

The magnitude 5.7 world depends on the southwestern corner of Aries, simply over the border fromPisces In the nights around opposition, you can discover it 2.8 ° northeast of 4th-magnitude Omicron (ο)Piscium

AlthoughUranus shines vibrantly adequate to look with the naked eye under a dark sky, usage field glasses to find it at first. A telescope exposes the world’s blue-green disk, which covers 3.7″.

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