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  1. I notice this has been linked to elsewhere on the internet, I have an instagram account which I occasaionaly post other time lapse videos on at
    Would be stocked if people would check that out

    Another timelapse I took earlier this year, this is from Feb 2017 Using a canon 6d, sigma 20mm 1.4 at 20 seconds and iso 3200 and 1.4, on a fairly big manfrotto tripod that I very much regretting lugging up the short trail Lens started to condense as my hand warmer solution didn’t quite work (not enough tape), but more manageable than attempts without (another recent timelapse of mine shows a tad more condensation)
    Light pollution was higher than I normally like due to light painters somewhere nearby and light cloud/haze. It was supposed to be raining that night so overall wasn’t too bad

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