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AtLive Science, we explore science news from worldwide every day– and a few of those stories can get a little strange. Here are a few of the strangest science news posts from today.

An image from the exploration exposes the high-altitude glacial conditions where the researchers camped.

Credit: Podolskiy

There’s a glacier in the shadow of Everest, and it booms in the evening– loud adequate to keep a group of researchers camping on its surfaceawake. So they put seismic sensing units all over that surface area to determine why the booms were taking place. It ends up that wild temperature level swings throughout sundown were triggering the exposed parts of the ice to break, making the worrying noises. [Read more about the ice booms]

It appears that a high school trainee in Davis, California baked her grandpa’s ashes into sugar cookies and provided out at school. However, a professional informs Live Science this most likely wasn’t unsafe. [Read more about the cookies here]

A city in China may soon have a second moon in its evening sky.

A city in China might quickly have a 2nd moon in its night sky.

Credit: Shutterstock

Meanwhile, in China, authorities from the city of Chengdu obviously strategy to build a “second moon.” The information are questionable, however strategies are obviously to “launch it” to hang over the city by 2020 and brighten the city with 8 times the light of Earth’s existing, natural moon. Apparently, authorities hope it will conserve loan by removing the requirement for streetlights. [Read more about the new moon]

Tyrannosaurus rex and other meat-eating dinosaurs are typically buffooned for their laughably undersized arms, however brand-new research study shows that these terrifying predators might do a lot more with these little limbs than formerly recognized. [Read more about the little arms]

Artist's illustration of the U.S. Air Force's robotic X-37B space plane carrying out its mysterious duties in Earth orbit.

Artist’s illustration of the U.S. Air Force’s robotic X-37 B space airplane performing its mystical tasks in Earth orbit.

Credit: Boeing

A secret Air Force objective has actually now passed the 400- day mark inspace The X-37 B space airplane, an orbiting robot, has actually been doing … something … up there becauseSept 7,2017 It’s the 5th such uncrewed secret objective the Air Force has actually introduced because2010 [Read more about the mystery mission]

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