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  1. Turn the can upside down and spray, it’s not the plastic, it’s the chemical inside the can, freezes instantly

  2. That ain’t compressed air, that is r152a. It is a non flammable gas with a vapor pressure of around 60 if I remember correctly. What is happening here is that OP just tilted the can, resulting in some liquid to spray out, which cools down the keys on the keyboard, causing frost to form on it.

  3. You don’t even need plastic. Just turn that compressed air upside down and blow it on anything!

    But maybe not another human. My twin brother and I tortured each other with a primed upside down can of compressed air.

  4. Does anyone else notice a lot of posts on /r/chemicalreactiongifs aren’t chemical reactions? Phase changes aren’t chemical reactions I believe.

  5. For anybody that comes along wondering what the thing is they’re spraying onto, it’s a r/mechanicalkeyboards with the keycaps removed.

  6. this kills the keyboard

    edit: for clarification, getting that propellant in the keyswitch can strip the lubricant in it at best and at worst like u/Kapao said, getting it on the PCB would be *not good*.

  7. I accidentally did this a few weeks ago trying to clean out my keyboard, and freaked out thinking I did lasting damage. Thank god there was none.

  8. Even cooler when you shoot your friend in the ass with it and give them a forever reminder of your friendship with frostbite, and then get yelled at by their wife and permanently banished from their household.
    Good times.

  9. It’s not just on plastic, if you keep at it (spraying I mean) eventually it will become liquid and “freeze” whatever it was on

  10. It’s a physical reaction not a chemical reaction, it’s not compressed air because you’re not reading the instructions on the can and using it properly, and it doesn’t just happen on plastic…

    I think this post might have to go in a record book somewhere

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