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Digital Electronic Circuits: The Comprehensive View assists trainees along with useful engineers comprehend the concepts of digital circuits style, and their location and application in microelectronics. The book is utilized for the “Digital Circuits” course in Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), Israel.

A total research study of digital electronic circuits and systems allows us to comprehend existing and produce unique digital electronic gadgets for various applications– from storage, to processing and transmission of the info provided in digital type, incorporated sensing units and control gadgets, computer systems and microprocessors. This book provides indicating to those “black boxes” that make up logic, and the diodes, transistors, and other components that fill them.

Digital Electronic Circuits is arranged as follows: the very first part of the book handles the basic meanings, fundamental criteria identifying the logic digital circuits, and the transfer function meaning. The 2nd part is committed to logic households based upon the bipolar semiconductor gadgets. Part 3 is committed to the logic households based upon the unipolar semiconductor gadgets and advanced innovations relevant in the field of digital circuits. Part 4 of the book handles the analysis and synthesis of digital logic circuits. Basic concepts of the synthesis of the combinational logic circuits utilizing CMOS logic, dynamical logic and pass-transistor logic are thought about in this part. Part 5 of the book is committed to consecutive logic, specific to flip-flops, signs up and counters, and multivibrators. The last area is committed to semiconductor memory architecture and associated combinational digital circuits. Each part of the book is accompanied by workouts with complete options and descriptions.


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AlexanderAxelevitch has actually been with Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) because1995 He presently leads the Nanotechnology and Microelectronics Branch of the Engineering Faculty, the Laboratory of Microelectronics and Thin Films and works as the Senior Lecturer in professors of Engineering in HIT. His primary research study interest consists of thin movies deposition techniques, shift metal oxides, alternative energy sources, solar batteries, plasmonic impacts. .
He got his M.Sc degree in electrical and electronic devices engineering from Electrical Engineering Institute (LETI), Leningrad, Russia, in 1971 and finished hisPh D. in physical electronic devices in 2002, at Tel-AvivUniversity, Tel-Aviv,Israel. Dr Axelevitch has 8 patents, 72 referred short articles and more 150 documents provided on clinical conferences.

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