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BrianMay and Dave Eicher present with their brand-new book including 3- D stereo pictures of the Apollo objectives, ready to fly over MeteorCrater DAVID J. EICHER

OK, capturing up on composing now. A couple of weeks ago throughout that Arizona journey, Michael Bakich and I had the chance to fly over Meteor Crater with Brian May, who was on a brief vacation from playing Las Vegas withQueen We circled around the crater from the air, took many images and video, and after that had an impressive see to the crater on the ground. We went over the crater’s history and geology at length with David Kring, among the world’s leading professionals on the crater, and were hosted by a group led by Dwayne Virgint, the company’s CEO.

What a fantastic time it was. We likewise shot a brief movie I’ll share with you quickly about the dangers of asteroids and AstroidDay

More to come quickly …!!

MeteorCrater as seen from a helicopter at elevation. DAVID J. EICHER

DaveEicher all set to fly over the crater. DAVID J. EICHER

The crater from nearly straight overhead. DAVID J. EICHER

BrianMay and Dave Eicher present with their brand-new book, OBJECTIVE MOON 3- D, at MeteorCrater DAVID J. EICHER

A scenic view of Meteor Crater from the ground. DAVID J. EICHER

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