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  1. Seems like a pretty poor “simulation”, seeing as lava sinks in water. Here is a video with an actual demonstration of how islands are made from volcanoes, demonstration starts around 1:00.

    The lava falls to the ocean floor to build up a hill with a base, it doesn’t just shoot a plume straight up to the surface and stay there.

  2. I remember seeing reports a few years back about a new set of volcanic islands forming in the pacific ocean that would only last for a few weeks. So after seeing this clip is it safe to assume that the reason behind this is that the islands were formed on “stilts” and sank when the legs gave out?

  3. Magma flowing into a subaqueous environment produces pillar lava
    Hydrostatic pressure of sea water tends to inhibit the vesicle size of the basalt!

  4. I feel like this is counter intuitive. Wouldn’t some of the lava(magma?) solidify and get in the way causing it to spray many different directions sending solidified rock everywhere. Seems more like just a reaction that’s directed upwards.

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