Melting and recrystallization of sulfur using a soldering iron under polarized light

Meltingand recrystallization of sulfur using a soldering iron under polarized light

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  1. Something about this made me feel very nostalgic for my childhood.

    I have no idea why. Maybe the colors taking me back to the late 1980’s?

  2. Forgive me if these are dumb questions:

    We are watching heat spread and create a fluid area (blue). When this happens, the molecules are in motion, and their bonds are brief as they move among each other. Right?

    When the fluid cools, the molecules slow their motion, and the bonds between each become stronger, and they reassemble as per their molecular structure. Right?

    Is it only the kinetic energy and motion of the molecules that breaks the bonds and causes them to reform? At a molecular level, this is just physical?

  3. Can I ask a stupid question? When the re-crystallization occurs, I am assuming it will be completely random and different every time is this correct? Or will it form a similar or even identical structure for some me reason? I know that’s unlikely but hey I said it was a stupid question and I am curious. My bet is that minute changes/circumstances will re-create a completely different structure each time…

  4. Holy crap, that first layer of really small crystals is *exactly* what the aura looks like when I start to get a migraine.

  5. I’m currently on mobile and my screen is cracked and I legit thought my screen just died on me… you gave me a mini heart attack… well done

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