Breastfeeding is finally legal in all 50 states — these 6 products can make nursing easier.

Breastfeedingis finally legal in all 50 states– these 6 products can make nursing simpler.

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  1. Wait, there was a time when breastfeeding in the US wasn’t legal unanimously? Isn’t that a massive breach of human rights? I’m not from the US, and this idea is so absurd to me! How can you tell a mother, by law, the way she should feed her own child?!

  2. That one woman can breastfeed and go straight to her Assassin’s Creed cosplay/ Sorceress larping event without changing.

  3. That zipper one makes me feel bad for the baby’s lips. Don’t think that’ll be too comfortable. On another note, that hoody thingy was dope. I’m not even pregnant and I want one!

  4. Lov’in those clothes, I am 6 months into breastfeeding now and im glad to see us making strides in the right direction

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