New 3D Map Reveals the Universe’s Hidden Dark Matter

By studying the gravitational lensing of remote galaxies, scientists have actually produced an in-depth, 3D map of the circulation of dark matter in the universe. Credit: HSC PROJECT/UTOKYO .... Read more »

First image of green laser is still, but reflection keeps changing .

Firstimage of green laser is still, but reflection keeps changing. Read more »

NIST’s Electro-Optic Laser Pulses 100 Times Faster Than Usual Ultrafast Light

Illustration portraying how particular frequencies, or colors, of light (sharp peaks) emerge from the electronic background sound (blue) in NIST’s ultrafast electro-optic laser. The vertical background demonstrates how these... Read more »

NASA climate mission Trump tried to kill moves forward | Science

Once installed on the space station, the ClimateAbsolute Radiance and Refractivity ObservatoryPathfinder will minimize unsure steps of climate- associated phenomena such as clouds. NASA A brand-new space station sensing... Read more »

A new model of cause and effect

Credit: CC0 PublicDomain Natural little researchers, human infants enjoy releasing of things and seeing them fall. Baby’s very first experiment teaches them about more than the force of gravity.... Read more »

Unveiling the mechanism protecting replicated DNA from degradation

IMAGE: EM images reveal areas of single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) being produced rather of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) in the lack of AND-1. see more Credit: Takuya Abe Researchersfrom Tokyo Metropolitan... Read more »

The Paraffin Paradox. A clever way to explain the scientific method.

TheParaffinParadox A clever way to explain the scientific approach. Read more »

Angular momentum demo

Angularmomentum demo Read more »

Opening a can of beer with Hydrochloric Acid.

Openinga can of beer with Hydrochloric Acid. Read more »

University Team Develops Antibacterial Surfaces for Bone Implants

The advancement opens the possibility of producing a brand-new generation of antimicrobial bone-implantable gadgets with enhanced tissue-implant combination. “This exciting development, coupled with our coating’s ability to irreversibly attach... Read more »