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  1. It looks uncannily like how Majin Buu and the other related characters look when they’re venting steam. Minus the bubbling, the ways the holes form and the sublimated gas vent out bears resemblance.

  2. Before folks think the blue goo is some sort of contrived lab created rarity. Your blood is a non-newtonian fluid,. It means a fluid that does not follow Newton’s Law of Viscosity. Other examples include paint, toothpaste, shampoo…and ketchup.

  3. I don’t understand who upvotes this? Random slow motion. Random title. No explanation for what’s going on. All around terrible.

  4. I’m not going to watch the video. Anyone care to tell me how the Backyard Scientist almost kills himself in this one?

  5. Here to say what the actual fuck? I’m not chemically inclined enough to ask any real questions.

    So good day to you all.

  6. I really need a little help on what Newtonian liquids are, I tried to look up the definition but I feel less knowledgeable afterwards. I might just be stupid lol

  7. I wonder how long before someone makes one of those funny gifs with stick arms/legs eyes etc out of this one. Hopefully not too long..

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