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  1. Never before have I related so much to a gif as I have to this tiny, insignificant dot of liquid spinning aimlessly in an endless, indifferent sea while slowly becoming nothing.

  2. We have DCM at work. I guess they’re spinning it around really fast? It doesn’t do weird stuff like that on its own accord like a wacky dancing chemical AFAIK.

  3. okay but it doesn’t actually spiral “out of existence” right? I thought with evaporation it’s still around just not in liquid form

  4. Maybe I’m just nitpicking, but these two chemicals aren’t undergoing a *chemical reaction* in the true sense. This is more of a chemical *interaction*. Cool gif nontheless!

  5. Is it surface tension which is keeping the DCM from sinking? I’ve never seen this happen before in a lab lol

  6. Does anyone else think it looks like a spiral galaxy and that this represents how a galaxy might look when it finally dies?

  7. This is so emotionally resonant for some bizarre reason. It makes me want to cry tears of joy and sadness at the same time. Quit playing games with my head you stupid fucking water droplet.

  8. Question, would this spin in the opposite direction if filmed in the opposite hemisphere? If so then can it be assumed this was filmed in the northern hemisphere? Pretty cool if so.

  9. Would the droplet spin the opposite direction depending on which hemisphere? Similar to that of flushing a toilet – coriolis effect

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