Bees are innovative and they will build a Beehive in any pretty much any space including this old sweat box used for dried fruit

Beesare innovative and they will build a Beehive in any pretty much any space including this old sweat box used for dried fruit

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  1. I’ve been thinking about getting into beekeeping, but my wife says I’ve hit the limit on hobbies that require a safety suit.

    Just had a nest move into my black walnut a few weeks ago. Gone after a few days. Very fascinating to see the process. Kicked the squirrels right out of the neighborhood!

    *Edit:* I don’t want to be dishonest. The only *safety suits* I own are for my motorcycles, other ORVs, a chainsaw suit (chaps, mask, gloves, ear protection), and some chainmail in case a LARP breaks out.

  2. Source:

    These shots are from a web series my dad and I make about his journey into beekeeping.

    The Bush Bee Man is hosted by Mark (my dad) and follows his journey into beekeeping. ‘

    Mark is a quintessential farmer from the South Australian outback region of the Riverland. Mark has a great sense of humour, and will not only make you laugh, but will also show you the process of setting up and maintaining beehives.

  3. Cool fact, bad representation. That box doesnt seem very different hardly at all compared to a “bee box” or whatever

  4. “bees will build their hive inside anything! Look! Here’s them building a hive in a normal wooden crate! Amazing”

  5. Eli5: how do beekeepers get the bees to make their combs aligned along the parts of the box that lift out, individually, rather than some other way?

  6. There is a bee hive that has been built naturally on a large tree over the last few months. It is growing out of a large stump hole where a high branch must have fallen off. It has been so interesting to watch this hive grow over the past few months, I’ve never seen a natural hive in the wild before.

  7. A simple algorithm bases on available space doesnt qualifybas innovatve.

    Ants build nests around rocks and shit, too. Amd they arent innovative

  8. I would never do this, but every time I see honeycombs I have the urge to step on it for the crunching feeling… normally I’m not that self destructive.

  9. I found a nest in a blanket covered in old puke… they were not doing well and the removal and attempt to rehome failed 🙁

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