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  1. Science teacher here, where can I get a job where this is the go? I would get absolutely fired for doing this with a student in class.

  2. I swear if someone taught me science by handing me balls of fire, I wouldn’t have hated every minute of my education and would be a STEM student.

    Edit: I see many replies about how I wouldn’t most probably be a good student even if my teacher did something like this and I agree. In hindsight, its easier to blame your failures on anyone but yourself and just make excuses. So I guess most probably they are right.

    Having said that I just want to add that I am from a small town of a third world country. In science class, all our teachers did was to read the text from the book and declare that chapter to be over. And I am not blaming the teachers here either, frankly they weren’t paid enough to care and neither did they have enough incentives to teach in interesting ways outside of paid tuition classes nor enough budget to conduct experiments of these kinds. Hell, from grade 6 to 10, the period during which I had science in my curriculum, we didn’t have a single practical. Our teacher just gave us notes and we copied that into our practical copies without having done any experiment.

    Now I understand, most of these sounds like I am just making excuses for my short comings. The sole reason I love arts or humanities subjects more than STEM ones is because I always understood what I read, I never felt like I was missing something. Whenever I read a chapter from history or literature, I could picture them in my head. That was interesting to me, I knew what I was reading. That wasn’t the case when I read a chapter from physics or chemistry. I always felt like I was missing something and I didn’t understand shit. And maybe that’s what separates the STEM folks from us, they have an innate ability to understand science. I am just saying that if someone did show me even one or two stuffs like this, yeah most probably I wouldn’t graduate highschool this year as a STEM student, but at least studying science wouldn’t have felt like torture.

    Sorry for a long, boring-ass rant.

  3. I wonder if anyone holding the fireball has ever freaked out and dived out the window, like that king in Lord of the Rings

  4. THIS is the type of teachers needed. I had a science teacher in the 9th grade who would teach us things then show us. I remember when he would take a copper penny, dip it in a solution and make it “gold”. Then gave us until the next day to figure out how he did it.

    I didn’t figure it out but he told us the next day. Was pretty bad ass. honestly wish i could contact him to tell him that I know the periodic table because of him.

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  6. That was poorly done on the teacher’s part regarding safety.

    He should have told the pupil to hold his hand flat and wipe the bubbles away from underneath his hand. This is likely why the pupil was waving his hand around at the end because the heat from the bubbles underneath his hand was almost burning him.

  7. I read the title and clicked without checking the sub. I was so sure it was going to be instant regret or nononono or something.

  8. We did this in my HS science class, but when my buddy did it, his became a huge fireball and he lost a bit of his eyebrows.

  9. The College if Winterhold might accept him in a few years, maybe once he learns to conjure a super useful ball of incandescent ethereal light

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