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Penguin on ice

Each week we discover the most intriguing, remarkable and cool images. Here you’ll find 10 amazing photos and the brief headlines of stories behind them. Click on the images for full size.

Penguin on ice
Penguin about to dive

Places to Explore:

Story: Just 13% of the Ocean Is Untouched by Humans

Young Shark:

Story: Young Whale Shark Washes Ashore in Florida. But What Killed It?

SeaCucumber Poop!

sea cucumber pooping
Footage from the Pacific Ocean’s bottom caught activity from another type of bottom — the rear end of a sea cucumber.

Video: Watch This Giant Sea Cucumber Expel a Spiraling Poop Log


Story: Forgotten ‘Dinosaur’ Fossil Actually Belongs to a Weird, Hippo-Like Beast

Reanimating Life:

Imagine getting a wake-up call after being “asleep” for 42,000 years.

Story: Worms Frozen for 42,000 Years in Siberian Permafrost Wriggle to Life

Gravity Waves:

Story: Gravity Waves Ripple Across Antarctica’s Skies, and Researchers Think They Know Why

Size Doesn’t Matter:

Story: Africa’s Largest Mammal Is Terrified of Bees

Losing Space to Space:

Where does the sky end and space start? According to a brand-new research study, the edge of space is a lot closer than you believe.

Story: The Edge of Space Just Crept 12 Miles Closer to Earth

Lovin’ the Hot Stuff:

Most mammals avoid the unpleasant heat in spicy chili peppers, however not the Chinese tree shrew.

Story: Hot Take: Tree Shrews Love Chili Peppers

Unique Beauty:

stunning white dunes
A pocket within the biggest desert in North America is covered in stunning white dunes, whose genesis started some 100 million years earlier. Here’s a take a look at the stunning landscape deep in the Central Plateau of Mexico.

Story: Photos: White Sands National Monument


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